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Daily Pre-School Workshops

Our Pre-School Workshops run each weekday and offer enhanced hands-on learning activities that inspire and encourage children ages 2 –4 years.

Children will get their hands into learning while being introduced to a variety of topics. Pre-reading, number/letter recognition, science and math are explored through these workshops in a fun and creative way.

Remember counting worms, baking and measuring the ingredients? What an exciting way to learn how to count! Making fruit shish-kabobs? What a fun and yummy way to learn patterns! How about making play-doh letters or drawing letters in foam? Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun! Mixing colours with our feet to see what happens. Wow we made purple! We all learn from doing and these workshops are full of fun too!

2019 Workshop Schedule

Ages 2-4 Yrs   |   9:00 am – 12:00 pm

DATES Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
September.3–October.25 Tutor Tots Workshop: W/S Code A Little Explorers Workshop: W/S Code B Mini Explorers Workshop: W/S Code C Walk In Art Attack – Fun With Fall: W/S Code D Silly Science Workshop: W/S Code E
October.28–December.20 Counting Carnival Workshop: W/S Code F Imagination YOGA Workshop W/S code G Travel the Alphabet Train Workshop: W/S code H Walk In Art Attack Winter Wonderland Workshop: W/S Code I Music and Rhythm Workshop: W/S Code O

2020 Workshop Schedule

Ages 2-4 Yrs   |   9:00 am – 12:00 pm

DATES Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
January.6–February.28 Math Munchkins Workshop: W/S Code K Mini Chefs Workshop: W/S Code L Phonics FUN Workshop: W/S Code M Walk In Art Attack Recycling and Me Workshop: W/S Code N Music and Rhythm Workshop: W/S Code O
March.2–May.1 Marvelous Math Workshop: W/S Code P Fairytale Fun Workshop: W/S Code Q Letter Adventures Workshop W/S Code R Walk In Art Attack Spring into Spring: W/S Code S Natural Wonders Workshop: W/S Code T
May.4–June.26 Mini Chefs Workshop: W/S Code U Little People in a Big World Workshop: W/S Code V Words and ME Workshop W/S Code W Walk In Art Attack – See What I Can Make: W/S Code X Fun Fit Workshop: W/S Code Y

Workshop Descriptions

Fairytale FUN Workshop: Hear daily classic fairytale stories. Children will make these stories come to life by creating simple costumes and playing games to act out these stories of kings, queens, bears, and pigs. Includes all materials.

Fun Fit Workshops: This workshop is promoting active bodies and creative minds!. Includes treasures hunts, eye spy Unionville outing, scavenger hunt, obstacle courses and more, Daily themed art projects too.

Imagination/Creations Workshops: This introduction to drama will take us on daily adventures around the world and to places only our imaginations can take us. Explore the jungle from hanging on to a balloon, swim with a purple whale, and jump on giant marshmallows. Themed craft every visit!

Letter Adventures Workshop: Active learning. Hop on our alphabet path, draw letters in our fluffy foam, search for letters in our macaroni bowls or scoop out the letter sounds in our water buckets. This workshop is all about recognizing letters and their sounds.

Little People in a Big World Workshop: Children will learn about the community around them and recycling. Tours of the firehall, mailing letters at the postbox and outings around town. Recycling art projects too.

Marvelous Math Workshop: A very textile way to learn numbers. Children will Build number towers, count marshmallows, sort giant swimming noodle beads and create patterns with various objects to make this an exciting way to learn. 

Math Munchkins: Children will create weekly take home math games and activities to learn letter recognition and counting.

Mini Chefs Workshops: Learning math never tasted so good. Children will learn to follow specially designed Main Street Kids recipes and measure the ingredients while working together in small groups. We eat what we make too!

Mini Discovery Workshop: This workshop is packed with an assortment of fun that includes science, mini chefs and art to promote fine motor skills.

Mini Explorers Workshop: Do you have a curious preschooler that is eager to learn about letters, numbers and their surroundings. This advanced workshop will focus on getting ready for school with printing activities while learning about themselves and independence.

Natural Wonders Workshops: Spring has sprung and so have our crafts! make an assortment of growing surprises along with bugs and insects that buzz, flutter, and fly!

Phonics FUN Workshop: A great sequel to the Discovery Workshop. This advanced workshop will be focusing on printing, letter sounds and blending letters to make words.

Silly Science Workshop: Children will be instructed on how to make and create rockets, volcanoes, goop, silly-putty, and other cool messy concoctions to create.

Walk-In Art Attack Workshops: Every Thursday, drop-in for arts & craft and lots of activities to keep those little hands busy. Great way to socialize children and learn the “rules of play” Might meet a new friend or two! Ages 2-5yrs.

Workshop Fees:

Pre-School Workshop Registration
9 am – 12 pm
$25 per day/8 week program.
Parents may select individual days (ie. every Mon & Wed) or full weeks. 

Art Attack Drop-in Program (Thursdays)
$20 for 2 hr drop-in
Arrive anytime between 9 am – 10 am
$25 Pre-registered with guaranteed spot
Full Morning Program from 9am – 12pm

How to Register:

Download and email your completed form to:

What You Should Know:

Workshops do not run on Stat Holidays, camp weeks (Winter Break, March Break & Summer Holidays) or PA Days. There will be a discount issued if a workshop falls on one of these days. 

Main Street Kids is closed on: Labour day, Thanksgiving, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, New Years Day & Christmas Day.

Workshops may be different at each location.

Cancellation Policy:

There are no refunds for missed days. We require a 1 month written notice to cancel workshop. You are responsible for the fees for this 1 month period.

Main Street Kids does not take responsibility for any injuries that may occur during activities. 

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